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Our Services & Facilities

premium rental equipment

High quality rental fleet

Dive comfortably and with piece of mind with Adelaide Scuba.

Our rental fleet is always kept up to date with brand name equipment like Scubapro, Cressi and Oceanic.

We service it regularly and turn it over as often as possible - this means... NO rusty tanks, bleached BCD's, torn wetsuits or leaky regulators.

service centre

On-site repairs and servicing

How can you have a premium dive centre without being able to service and repair equipment quickly and efficiently!

We service all brands we sell + more!

Our service technician Ian Wolverson has been in the industry and servicing equipment for more years than you have fingers so rest assured, your equipment is in good hands.

On-site dive pool

Heated for your comfort

Our on-site dive pool is heated to 32'c for your comfort (no need for a wettie!)

A convenient 1.2m shallow end allows us to introduce you to SCUBA diving in a safe depth of water and a 3m deep end allows us to practise skills in a more comfortable and realistic depth of water.

Our own pool also allows us to run courses without relying on public swimming pool bookings and takes the time pressure off of our instructors so they can focus on YOU!

Our pool is available for hire for film/photo shoots, government agencies and more!

Fully Stocked retail

Equipment for any occasion

In addition to the very best training facilities we have a fully stocked showroom.

Whether you are looking for your first mask, wetsuit or cave diving equipment, we have it all here, in-stock, always!


We keep all the top brands and latest equipment for you to see, feel, try on and even a fleet of DEMO equipment that you can 'test dive'

dive boats

Dive boats at the ready

We have our very own dive boats just off our back deck.
Built for diving, our boats Reef Knot and Abracadabra have all the bells and whistles you can imagine for a day on the water.
Hot water showers, toilets, tea & coffee, our famous croissants and all the safety equipment necessary, make ours the best dive boats in South Australia.

ReefKnot and Abracadabra are both available for private chartering, whether it be for a private group of divers, a sunset cruise, scattering ashes or anything else, enquire with us below about chartering one of our vessels.

Gas Filling facilities

Clean & Pure Gas

We know how important it is to provide the cleanest and purest gas to divers so we pride ourselfves on our state of the art gas system.

Our powerhouse of gas is our Bauuer PE700 (in other words, 'awesome') compressor, paired with two O2 Boosters we have 4 banks of AIR and 4 banks of 32% Nitrox on hand and of course, we have the capacity to blend any mix you'd like up to 100% O2.


Learn in comfort

Most courses nowadays have theory delivered through online theory, but, that doesn't negate the need for a classroom.

We have a large upstairs classroom with whiteboards and projector so our Instructors can deliver the best education possible.

Photo Gallery

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