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Junior Open Water Diver

Are you aged between 12 and 15, and don't want to wait a second longer to get diving? This course is the perfect foundation to begin your diving journey, and the certification allows you to dive with a buddy and from a boat just like an open water course!


What makes the Junior Open Water Diver different to a regular Open Water?

This course has a few differences that ensure that children are safe, with smaller teacher-to-student ratios, shallower depth limits, and the course is taught over 3 days.

Continuing Education

Can a JNR OW diver eventually get their Open Water Diver certification?

Absolutely! and for us as dive professionals, this is our goal.

We hope that any junior open water diver who gets certified, continues to dive & enjoys the ocean.

The diver certification will simply upgrade automatically when they reach 15 years of age.

Once a Junior Diver reaches 15 they are eligible to dive to the deeper depth of 18 metres.


Where do I start?

Right here at our Adelaide Scuba store!


3 Cygnet Court,

Glenelg North, SA

South Australia

Will I need to bring any gear myself (for example mask, snorkel, fins and dive boots)?

All gear will be provided by Adelaide Scuba (excluding mask and snorkel). However, we will still teach you about the different types of gear available and to maximize your enjoyment of the experience, we do recommend coming in-store to have a look at our mask range - your dive mask is the most important piece of equipment you will invest in. Feel free to come in and try some on!

What If I fail my dive medical?

It is always best to read through the medical questionnaire first to determine if you need doctor clearance. If you have a known medical condition we encourage you to seek out the medical and gain clearance before you commence your eLearning. A medical clearance by a diving doctor will last for 12 months. The eLearning portion of the course is not refundable and once commenced the course is not refundable by Adelaide Scuba. Please ask our friendly staff if you have any questions about how this process works.

Can I reschedule the course if I cannot complete the online training in time or get my medical in time?

Rescheduling is available for any reason, however there is rescheduling fee of $100 if this is within 14 days of the course start. As soon as your course space is booked with us there is a lot of preparation in place to ensure your gear and Instructor is available. We ask that you please give us as much notice as you can - our courses are scheduled 12 months in advance and can be booked out up to 3 months in advance at some times of the year.

I have a voucher, can I use this for the course cost?

Yes, of course! You can put your voucher towards your Learn To Dive Course, all vouchers redeemed MUST be within the expiry date & will not be extended.

What happens when there is a turn in the weather?

Adelaide Scuba staff monitor the weather forecasts closely all year round and will provide you with as much notice as possible if the conditions look unsafe for scuba diving. Water conditions are not always determined by sunshine but primarily by wind, rain, current and swell. South Australia has a variety of dive sites, which are suitable in varying weather conditions. If the prediction is for unsafe conditions we may have to reschedule the course dives to another time & will discuss this based on student and Instructor availability.

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