Magnetic Occy Holder


The Ocean Pro Magnetic Occy Holder will put an end to annoying occy and gauge hose dangling. They have been especially designed to be secured onto the divers air hose. The Ocean Pro Magnetic Occy Holder will ensure your that your occy and your gauge never come lose again. The Ocean Pro Magnetic Occy Holder can be fitted to both LP and HP hoses so that you can safely secure both sides of your kit and the best part is that when you need them most, simply pull and they can be easily disconnected. The Ocean Pro Magnetic Occy Holder will fit both rubber and braided hoses.
Unique magnetic design securely holds your occy or gauge hose in place until you actually need it most
316 Stainless steel split ring attachment point with durable plastic clip for quick and easy attachment to your BC
Easy to install yourself simply unscrew the base, wrap the hose protector around your hose, re-assemble and your ready to go
No more annoying accidental disconnections of your occy and gauges
Fits both rubber and braided hoses