Halcyon Eclipse BCD


The Eclipse buoyancy compensator by Halcyon has set the new standard for single tank technical dive rigs. The amazingly stable system supports the diver's single tank, while streamlining the whole BC to reduce unwanted drag.
The harness is fully adjustable and is a one size fits all. You have the choice between an aluminium (light weight) or steel (heavy) backplate and between a 30 or 40 lbs lift capacity. 
Included with the system are:
- 30 or 40 lbs Wing
- Backplate (steel or aluminium, small or standard size)
- Stainless Steel Single Tank Adapter with 2 cam straps
- Harness with Crotch Strap
- Halcyon Storage Pak
- Integrated Weight Pockets (ACB10)
- Inflator and LP inflator hose (22" / 56cm)
- Convertible Weight Insert
- Trim Pockets