Halcyon Streamline P-Valve


Many divers credit Halcyon's streamline P-valve as being among their best equipment purchases; the enhanced comfort and peace of mind redefine ones diving experience. 
Whether you are interested in a short, comfortable dive or face long decompression obligations, the Halcyon Streamline P-valve can provide a new level of diving comfort.
Halcyon P-valveUnique cover allows easy operation, even with gloves and sleek design eliminates bulky connections.
Balance valve is incorporated into the solid Delrin body, eliminating the risk of infection from surrounding water. Valves chosen to provide minimal backpressure, increasing comfort for female and male divers
The Halcyon P-valve kit includes everything required for installation:
P-valve with hose
Wrench and sandpaper
2-oz. cleaning bottle
One catheter
Installation/owners manual