Coiled Lanyard


The Coiled Lanyard can be used to secure almost any diving accessory and you can be assured accessories are kept close out of harms way. The Ocean Pro Coiled Lanyard is designed to fasten any diving accessories to you BCD to allow you to use in a split moment rather than having to go through you pockets to find the item. It is extremely flexible and easily secures items to you without worrying about loosing them. The more common items that you would connect to your Oceanic Coiled Lanyard are your torch and camera. Imagine you have seen an amazing shot that you must get, then trying to get your camera out of your pocket, give it a few seconds and that amazing shot could be gone! If your camera was attached to the lanyard, you could grab it in an instance and boom, you got that amazing picture!!! The torch is another item that is perfect to connect to the lanyard, especially if you are night diving. What if you were to accidently drop your torch.....your dive would be over, however if it is attached to you, no worry's, you just grab it again and off you go. For those new divers out there, keep in mind that if your camera is attached to it, it will float so do stress out if you cant find the camera....its probably floating behind your head! This is a great present for a new diver also, a cheap yet very needed gift. Many snorkelers will also purchase this item, they too use cameras and torches.
Featuring 25mm webbing
Quick release buckle and snap lock attachment
When unclipped the coiled lanyard will stretch up to a metre allowing complete freedom of movement