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Freediving Retreat

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Leave all the planning and organisation with us, anad join us on our Freediving Retreat. Learn to Freedive at Kilsby Sinkhole in Mount Gambier with our professional Freediving instructors.


Freediving Retreat

Here in South Australia we can offer a unique experience for freediving. Mount Gambier boasts some of the worlds most incredible limestone caves and sinkholes, and most famously, Kilsby Sinkhole.

Join us for two evening sessions in our pool here at Adelaide Scuba, and spend the weekend at a dive lodge in Mount Gambier.

Between dives you can explore the amazing Umpherston Sinkhole, view the beauty of Ewen's Ponds, and see the world renowned Blue Lake.




Retreat Duration

The Freediving retreat is availiable to those who are on a course, and also those who are already certified and want to experience the beauty of Kilsby Sinkhole with a professional dive guide who can help you achieve your goals and dive safely.

For those on a course, you will have an eLearning component which can take around 2 hours to complete. You will participate in two evening pool sessions at Adelaide Scuba in Glenelg, and Friday night you will drive to Mount Gambier.

Saturday & Sunday will be spent in Mount Gambier where you will complete your Freedives!


Where to go

For your evening pool sessions, you will meet at:

3 Cygnet Court, Glenelg North
South Australia, Australia 5045

Your dive lodge will be confirmed at the booking stage of your Freediving Retreat, but we can assure you it will be located within Mount Gambier at a specialised dive lodge.




What will I need?

For your Freediving course, you will need to arrange an open-cell wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins.

Freediving is a sport that is unique to you, and it's important to have properly fitted gear so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable in the water.

Get 10% off your gear when you purchase instore with or after purchase of your retreat!


How Much?

Our Freediving retreat is priced at $699 including your accomodation!

We also offer 10% off any gear purchased with or for your course!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't equalise?

Some equalising issues can be resolved with the appropriate training!

Many people have misconceptions about how to equalise their ears, and aslong as you can pass your medical test, we can look into the best way to have you equalising safely!

Ofcourse, sometimes there are other issues with equalising that can't be as easily figured out, and if we can't successfully have you equalising safely we will work out with you what process we'll take after that.

Why do I need an open cell wetsuit?

For this Freediving course and for the conditions we have in South Australia means we need a 5mm open cell wetsuit.

This is to ensure you're streamlined, and your buoyancy is clean in the water. It also ensures that your weighting is kept mainly around your belt where it's needed.

An open cell wetsuit is also just as warm as a 7mm wetsuit, they're just a little harder to get into! But fear not, we have all the tricks up our sleeves.

What if I can't swim?

It is vital that you already have the adequete foundational swimming skills before commencing on this course.


Can I still Freedive if I haven't scuba dived before?

Ofcourse you can!

Many people in diving will choose one before embarking on the other, and there is no particular order or obligation to learn both types of diving!

What If I can't hold my breath very well?

That's exactly why we have our professional and dedicated team of Freedivers here at Adelaide Scuba!

We are here to teach you all the necessary skills for relaxation, breathholding and how you can improve on your own after you complete the course with us!


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