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Advanced Diver

Take the next step with your SCUBA at a world-class Dive Facility from just $450. Get started today!

Based on underwater experiences and challenges, the SSI Advanced Open Water course aims to give you minimal classroom time and maximum dive time!

The SSI Advanced Open Water Diver course is designed to build onto your fundamental dive skills learnt during the Open Water Diver course, whilst introducing you to new underwater activities in new environments - so you don’t have to be an experienced diver to take this course.

The content and structure of the course is presented in a way that means it is designed specifically for somebody who has just completed their learn to dive course but on the other hand is more than suitable for the diver who has been diving for years at open water level, and now wants to upgrade their certification and gain some additional skills and knowledge.

What will you learn?

With your dive instructor you’ll complete 5 adventure dives based on specific underwater environments and activities. There are two required dives, Deep and Underwater Navigation, with another 3 elective dives assisting you to build your confidence and further develop your fundamental SCUBA skills. Your instructor will help you choose these 3 dives, ensuring you have the best possible opportunity to enhance your SCUBA experience whilst having maximum FUN – after all, the Adelaide Scuba instructional team wants to pass on the best of their own knowledge to you!

During the Deep Adventure Dive, you'll learn how to plan dives to deal with the physiological effects and challenges of deeper scuba diving. The Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive refines your compass navigation skills and helps you better navigate using kick-cycles, visual landmarks and time.

The other knowledge and skills you get vary with your interest and the adventure dives you complete. Advanced buoyancy techniques, fish identification, wreck exploration and mixed gas ‘NITROX’ diving are just a selection of activities available.

The standard course schedule:

  • Thursday evening: Orientation and Registration Session
  • Saturday: 3 shore based dives focusing on building the foundations of your advanced SCUBA diving.
  • Sunday: 2 boat dives, generally departing from the Adelaide Scuba boat deck, we would normally complete the Deep Adventure Dive along with another elective dive, possibly the Wreck Adventure Dive.

Things you need to know before you start your learning:

  • You must be already qualified as an Open Water level Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organisation). Be 15 years old (14 for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver).
  • Please make sure that you fill out the Dive Medical Questionnaire before starting the course (available as a download  1.5 RSTC MedState v201 or in-store). This will tell you whether you are fit to dive or whether you need to get a dive medical done by a diving doctor. If you need to see a diving doctor for clearance, please make sure that you do so before the course commencement date. A list of suitable Diving Doctors can be accessed from SPUMS.ORG.AU. Our staff can answer any questions you may have about seeking out the dive medical, however it is essential that you have obtained clearance prior to starting your course. Adelaide Scuba do not provide refunds for a failed medical after you have attended the class orientation and registration.
  • A minimum age of 14 years applies. Every student under the age of 18 needs to have a parent or a guardian sign a consent form (available from the dive centre). Students younger than 15 years old will attain a Junior Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver certification on completion of all performance requirements.

Course Cost:

AUD$450 per person

You will be provided with your Adventures in Diving workbook, air fills, 2 boat, 3 shore dives, and certification package.

Equipment requirement:

Full SCUBA gear is included in the price of the course, however if you're loving diving and are ready to invest in your own SCUBA kit, come in and speak to the experienced shop team to learn about the many options available. Gear recommended for purchase at this level of diving includes SMB (surface marker buoy), underwater slate, gloves, knife and underwater torch.


Why choose Adelaide Scuba to continue your diving adventures?

Use our gear – No Hidden Costs Adelaide Scuba provides all the necessary gear for the course and we won’t just give you the cheapest kind available. Experience your dives with quality entry level Mask, Snorkel, Dive Boots and Fins. As well as modern and well maintained SCUBA gear including integrated weights and Dive computer.

Small class sizes – Max 6 Students per Instructor Our Safety reputation is second to none, learning in small groups means less waiting around and more personal attention.

Oceanic School / Rental Gear We have Adelaide’s largest fleet of Hire equipment from Oceanic, a world leading scuba gear manufacturer assuring your safety on all Adelaide Scuba dive courses and when hiring gear once you are dive certified.

SSI Dive Certification – Recognised Worldwide - your SSI certification card will be recognized and allow you to dive to 30m with any dive centre in the world.

Fun and Passionate Dive Team Our team is dynamic and friendly, but most importantly professional and heaps of fun!

Huge Retail Showroom – Years of Experience that Money Can’t Buy When it comes to dive gear we know our stuff! We have tried and tested the majority of products on the market and our long standing shop and Instructional team can point you in the right direction when it comes to investing in appropriate, good quality and value for money Snorkelling and Diving gear.

Located at Glenelg with FREE Carparking Our great location allows maximum convenience when diving and training. We are just 5 minutes from the end of the tram line in Mosely Square, just walk north along the beach and over the Marina lock gates to get to our store on foot. Our multi-story facility is surrounded by water and makes the perfect setting to start an underwater adventure.

Come in and take a look around, we’ll happily show you through the dive centre so you can see where it all happens, you may even see some live Dive Training in action!

Do you have questions about the course? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions…

Will I need to bring any gear myself (for example mask, snorkel, fins and dive boots)? No, all gear will be provided by Adelaide Scuba (even Dive boots!) However, we will still teach you about the different types of gear available and to maximize your enjoyment of the experience, we do recommend coming in store to have a look at our mask range - your dive mask is the most important piece of equipment you will invest in. Feel free to come in and try some on!

What If I fail my dive medical? It is always best to read through the medical questionnaire first to determine if you need doctor clearance. If you have a known medical condition we encourage you to seek out the medical and gain clearance before you commence your eLearning. A medical clearance by a diving doctor will last for 12 months. The eLearning portion of the course is not refundable and once commenced the course is not refundable by Adelaide Scuba. Please ask our friendly staff if you have any questions about how this process works.

Can I reschedule the course if I cannot complete the online training in time or get my medical in time? Rescheduling is available for any reason, however there is rescheduling fee of $100 if this is within 14 days of the course start. As soon as your course space is booked with us there is a lot of preparation in place to ensure your gear and Instructor is available. We ask that you please give us as much notice as you can - our courses are scheduled 12 months in advance and can be booked out up to 3 months in advance at some times of the year.

I have a voucher, can I use this for the course cost? Yes, of course! You can put your voucher towards your Learn To Dive Course, all vouchers redeemed MUST be within the expiry date & will not be extended.

What happens when there is a turn in the weather? Adelaide Scuba staff monitor the weather forecasts closely all year round and will provide you with as much notice as possible if the conditions look unsafe for scuba diving. Water conditions are not always determined by sunshine but primarily by wind, rain, current and swell. South Australia has a variety of dive sites, which are suitable in varying weather conditions. If the prediction is for unsafe conditions we may have to reschedule the course dives to another time & will discuss this based on student and Instructor availability.

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