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Edithburgh Dive Weekend

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Join us for a weekend of diving at Edithburgh, Yorke Peninsula. Edithburgh Jetty is rated as one of the worlds top sites for underwater marine critters, so get your gear & your dive buddies for a weekend of SCUBA Adventure!

A beautiful jetty dive, about 250km from Adelaide, on the SE corner of Yorke Peninsula. The pylons are covered in a collection of sponges and ascidians. Edithburgh Jetty and its surrounds host an abundance of marine creatures including many extremely small ‘MACRO’ critters. The site is popular for underwater photographers and marine biologists. Some usual marine life found on a dive may include Pyjama Squid, Pygmy Cuttlefish, Octopus, Seahorses & Seadragons, Anglerfish, Nudibranchs and a variety of many other marine fishes.

We will be staying at Sultana Point Lodge just minutes from our primary dive site, Edithburgh Jetty. Shared accommodation is available from $45 per head per night with breakfast available for an extra $10/night.

We’ll be hosting numerous dives over the weekend, these will be fully guided with detailed briefings and site orientations for those unfamiliar to the Edithburgh dive sites. Dives will be taking place both during the day and at night for those interested. Outside of these dives there will be additional opportunities to jump in with the number of dives you do really up to you.

Whilst out of the water we may opt for a little scenic drive along the coast to check out the Lighthouse, search for the local Sealion colonies and maybe even wonder the rocky shoreline in search for vintage glass bottles washed up ashore from years gone by; most commonly found are beautiful pieces of different coloured glass, as the bottles have now broken up on the rocks – though still an interesting find.

Now it’s time to take the Edithburgh challenge – How many Seahorse can you find…? Ohh, stop I just found a Pyjama Squid. Have you found one yet…? BOOK NOW and get amongst it, your Pyjama Squid is waiting.

** BONUS – Complete dives for your PADI Night Diver Specialty while you are there! We never miss a night dive opportunity at Edithburgh Jetty as its just so amazing & you can enjoy guided night dives that you can log towards your Night Diver Certification. If you wish to get started on this course with the intent to complete course dives on your trip please register your interest in store so we can let you know what’s involved and get you started with your learning as soon as possible.

Hire gear will be available through the shop & airfills will be available prior for $10 from the shop & as you need them from Edithburgh Motors for $10 each.

Bookings and pre-payment are essential to secure your space on the trip.

See you there!

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