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Mares Force Bat Titanium Knife


The Mares Force bat Titanium dive knife is made of ultra-hard titanium which is a popular pick for diving as it does not rust. This knife still needs to be cleaned properly to get off all of the salt water and sand, however it will last the distance. The great thing about the Force Bat knife is that it is a foldable knife, there fore it can be tucked away in to your BCD pocket and stay out of the way. It is light weight and extremely safe due to the safety folding system. The superior cutting sharpness in its custom ground blade and special serrated edge allows this know to cut through items with ease. If you are a diver who does not want a knife on their leg, this knife is a great pick for you. Majority of divers will carry a knife with them, more so for the safe feeling that they get, however in reality, if you get caught up in fishing line or rope, a knife is what will get you out of it and potentially save your life.

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