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Halcyon Streamline Balanced P-valve


This P-Valve’s design is the culmination of two years of development, drawing on the practical needs of exploration divers from around the globe. As an accessory that facilitates overboard discharge of urine through a dry or wet suit during an extended dive, the P-Valve is an essential tool for divers who are properly hydrated prior to their diving.
The new design surpasses the performance of the original Halcyon Balanced and Unbalanced P-Valves in several respects. The initial focus of the new design is on enhanced streamlining, both inside and outside the exposure suit. Not only does the new valve cap allow for increased ease of operation, even with dry gloves, it allows for easier maintenance access. An optional lock-down screw (provided with the valve) can be used in the valve to prevent removal of the external cap. The simplified hose assembly inside of the suit removes the